A Vadászkürt Vendégfogadó a Gemenci erdő mellett egy tipikus falusi vendégfogadó, ahol csend, nyugalom, madárcsicsergés várja a vendégeket.

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Alsónyék is a small village in the famous folk region Sárköz, beside the 55 main road, about 4 km from Gemenc forest. Sárköz is one of the most beautiful, untouched part of the country, where the people keep their traditions in their folk art and their architecture.

The building is typical for this area, keeping the traditions in its style and furniture, peaceful place to relax. Ifu are the guest, who likes good wine and you would like to taste wine at wine cellars, you can do it in  If you prefer fishing, you can enjoy yourself at Lake Alsónána, just 9 km from the inn. The guest can visit the Gemenc forest by train, by canoe, by bicycle and on foot. Hunting is possible, organised by local hunting club.
Canoe and bicycle rental possibility are at the Gemenc Ecotourist Center in Pörböly.
Distance: Szekszárd, Baja 17 km, Bátaszék 1 km, Gemenc/Ecotouris Center in Pörböly 5 km
Location: Alsónyék - Bátaszék
Phone number: +36 74/736-783,  mobil: +36 30/444-8594
Fax: + 36 74 510-131
E-mail address:
Open: throughout the year
Accommodation: 1 SGL, 3 DBL, 2 TRL,  rooms with bathroom and toilet, kitchen, lunch room with furnace
Capacity: 13 + 4 persons in extra bed
Services: equipped kitchen, TV., WIFI, breakfast, hunting organisation, hiking guide free of charge
SGL: EUR 22/night
DBL: EUR 30/night  for two persons
Extra bed & for child (4-12 years): EUR10/night/person
Extra charge for a one night stay: 25%
Breakfast:  EUR 5

7148 Alsónyék · Árpád u. 3., +36 30 444-8594 · +36 30 901-1963 · +36 74 736-783 ·